KRISTJAN JÄRVI- Producer, Composer, Musician, Entrepreneur.

From conductor, to producer, composer, arranger. Kristjan Järvi embraces everything with an indomitable spirit of fresh and creative entrepreneurship. Kristjan Järvi has ‘earned a reputation as one of the canniest, and most innovative, programmers on the classical scene’ (Reuter).

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DAVID DONNELLY- Writer/Director

David Donnelly is an award-winning American filmmaker, writer, and artist. He has written, directed, and produced music videos, video art, short films, and feature-length documentaries. He is the founder of Culture Monster, and the director of Maestro, Forte, and Nordic Pulse.

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BALTIC SEA PHILHARMONIC- Groundbreaking Orchestra

The Baltic Sea Philharmonic is a new paradigm for music making in the 21st century and a unique orchestra that brings together musicians from Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Russia and Sweden.

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